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Munitions Technology International, Inc. (MTI) is a privately owned business working with inert ordnance and training aids, specializing in fuzes and fuze systems.

I have over 25 years working experience with ordnance and ammunition, especially related to identification and technical functionings of fuzes and fuze systems. Through the years, my passion has been to learn of the technical and historical impact of these systems.

Sadly., I have seen so many irreplaceable ordnance items that were perfectly inerted, destroyed, and that piece of history gone forever.
It is the objective of MTI to preserve fuzes and fuze systems of the past for the future.

This includes collecting and gathering technical information and providing training and consulting regarding fuze systems and other ordnance related items.
Donations of fuzes, fuze systems and technical documents to the research part of MTI are very much appreciated!

MTI also has an excellent reputation in the sales and distribution of inert ordnance, training aids, posters and technical documents to Government and Federal Government agencies.

This webpage is divided in the sales part of training aids and the MTI reference gallery of fuzes and fuze systems.

If you want to order anything from the sales list, please contact us using our online contact form and note the identification number / or description of the product.


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